A brand is born!

Another step forward in building our identity and business, we’ve got our new logo! We have to say an enormous thankyou to our mate Matt Baron (aka @matts_truckin_life on instagram). You see Matt is a super passionate bloke with a love of trucks and the trucking lifestyle, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Matt is also a very talented and experienced graphic designer.

We connected with Matt via instagram, how awesome is social media! When it came time to develop a logo, Matt jumped right into it and came up with what you see below, we wanted something clean and simple, after kicking it around between Dave, Leanne and Paul we were able to settle on what you see here, we’re stoked with the result and we can now go forward with a great logo for all of our clothing, paperwork, website and business cards etc.

So we want to say a huge thankyou to Matt, love your work champion!