Euro Pantech Trailers

Welcome to Euro Pantech Trailers! The most efficient refrigerated road transport system available today.

Our website is in the construction phase, so we will be adding and updating content daily.

In the meantime, check out ‘Next Level’ our prototype Euro Pantech Trailer, towed by a fully customised Kenworth T610 Prime Mover in the image gallery, plus follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with us and learn more about this ground-breaking transport system.

We are here to change the way you think about road transport, to drive efficiency with a view to ultimately driving up your profitability.

The only limitation is, if you can bend your mind around what we have designed and where we are going with Next Level and far beyond, this is only the beginning.

We have now commenced full road trials, so you will now see Next Level on the road daily. Road trials will allow us to build data to prove the concept can be as efficient as we say it is. To give you a small taste of what we’re on about, fully loaded on its last trip – Sydney to Melbourne – the combination ran at 2.6 kilometres to the litre. To put that in perspective, a traditional B Double would be doing 1.8 at best, potentially saving 125 litres per leg and that’s being conservative – there is more to gain yet!

The people behind Euro Pantech Trailers have a lifetime of road transport knowledge, from running road trains to the far reaches of outback Australia, refrigerated transport to all capital cities and general freight, to designing and developing the quad axle 28 pallet fridge vans you see running around today – we’ll expand on this later also.

Euro Pantech was born out of the vision of one man, Dave Murphy. Dave’s lifetime of experience in road transport and extraordinary vision have developed into what we see on the road today in our first prototype Euro Pantech Trailer and Prime Mover – ‘Next Level’. We’ll get into all of this and more as we develop this site, stay tuned.